Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Adobe kuler

Great new color theme application based on Web 2.0 principles. From the kuler site:

"With kuler, anyone can construct completely individual color themes that resonate both publicly and personally. The public aspect derives from users' ability to share and download swatches as well as comment on them and rate them. Users can quickly view the most popular, the highest rated, and the most recently created themes in the kuler community."

"Just as intriguing is kuler's personal aspect. Artists have long asserted that color preference and emotional response to color are completely individual and undeniably psychological. American artist Andrew Wyeth confessed that the very thought of the true colors of nature could drive him mad. Monet wrote that his all-day obsession with certain colors gave him intense joy."

"The personal aspect of kuler is the user's ability to choose the base color and the color rules to create themes, such as analogous, monochromatic, or complementary. Adding to this individuality are the objects and people who inspire the color themes: an old friend, a beloved piece of clothing, a memory of a 1960s kitchen. Just as surprising are the original names that users give their themes, such as Evil Monster's Day Out, Cubicle Monotony, Whore of the Baskervilles, Robot Skin, Overwatered Plant, Flying Octopus, Freshalicious, and a 1970s trio of gold browns called simply Dad's Clothes."