Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Silverado extending AppleCare to 5 years

In an industry first, Silverado will be extending AppleCare coverage to 5 years.

Effective on all sales after 1/1/09, Silverado is extending AppleCare benefits from three years to five years on the following professional Apple equipment:

Apple Mac Pro
Apple MacBook Pro
Apple Cinema Display
Apple Xserve

When purchased with an appropriate AppleCare plan, Silverado will extend coverage on these items from three years to five years.

During the first three years, customers will obtain service from Apple as normally specified in their AppleCare agreement. In years 4-5, clients needing service can contact Silverado at (916) 760-0032 for service coverage.

At its discretion, Silverado will do the following:
  • Replace items that have worn out due to normal use and repair items that no longer function such as ports, logic boards, and cables.
  • Alternatively, if a repair is not available then Silverado can opt to replace the system with a brand new equivalent system.
All AppleCare exclusions will apply. Systems cannot be repaired or replaced if systems are not functioning due to abuse, accidents, and non-standard usage (i.e. using a system outside normal operating parameters such as extreme temperatures, etc...)