Monday, April 26, 2010

Contest: If you were an intern, how would you destroy data?

Here is the premise of the question: how many ways can you think an intern could destroy a hard drive or LTO tape?

Okay, okay...I am picking on interns here. In reality, we've all mindlessly destroyed data by being careless or reckless. I know I've dropped my share of drives, disconnected spinning Firewire disks, and even caused a DV tape to unspool itself inside a Sony VTR.

Some other methods here for destroying data:

1. Falling off bookshelves
2. Tumbling down staircases
3. Knocked off a 2nd story railing
4. Getting run over by a car
5. Being thrown by a little kid

What do you say? What is the strangest, oddest, or most bizarre way your data was destroyed (either by you or someone else) and did you have a backup? Put your best story down in the comments below.

The best entry will get a free RED 101 special 2-Disc DVD collection by DreamWelder Productions.