Friday, July 25, 2008

Can you help us set another world record?

OpenCut is an open-source film editing competition that gives editors 35mm film grade material and allows them to complete their own version of the material.

OpenCut 1 "Susannah" has been submitted for a world record as the "greatest number of cinematic film edits from a single set of source media." We had 51 separate versions of "Susannah" submitted by editors from around the world. You can see the different cuts here:

OpenCut 2 "The Alpine Meadows Shoot" is a new attempt. We want to submit for the "greatest number of commercial spots from a single set of source media."

Interested in being part of this world record attempt? We'd love to have you take part. You can register here:

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New edit site--CutScape--an outright copy of OpenCut?

I was surfing across the net today and saw this:

It was "created" by Ted Chandler of

I say "created" because its a knockoff of which we started a few months ago. I would list the similarities, but they are way too numerous to mention--there are dozens.

I am thrilled that the idea of OpenCut would provide such an inspiration for Ted and others to follow. I wish him the best of success in this endeavor.

However, if you look at CutScape--its amazing how so many things are lifted from OpenCut. How is CutScape any different than an outright duplication of the OpenCut project? We didn't put all the thought and energy into OpenCut to have it shamelessly knocked off.

I guess good ideas are emulated, but great ideas are stolen...


Thursday, July 3, 2008

World's fastest production SCRATCH CPU by Silverado - shipping at 4.19 Ghz

New product release! The world's fastest production SCRATCH CPU by Silverado - at 4.19 Ghz!


Production stable at 4.19 Ghz and runs very cool with our liquid cooling system.

These things are real beasts, but extraordinarily fast. We'll be putting it through its paces tomorrow when we hook up a Dulce PRO RX via PCIe and measure disk speeds with IOmeter. We'll post the IOmeter results once the tests are done.

Best of all--we back it up with a 4-year warranty which I believe is one of the longest coverages available on this class of machine.

These are available to order immediately--they are custom-built upon order and ship within 5-10 business days.