Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stunning RAID results with SOHOTANK and ATTO R380 card...+820 MB/s

We did some testing in the shop today with new firmware on the ATTO R380 SAS card and the Stardom SOHOTANK ST8-U5 running Hitachi 2.0 TB drives. The results were some of the best I've ever seen in an 8-drive RAID 5.

Using a 16.0 GB sized file in 2048x1556 10-bit RGB format, the drive pushed 705 MB/s writes and 775 MB/s reads.

Further, using a 16.0 GB sized file in DVCProHD 1080i60 format, the drive pushed over 822 MB/s read speeds.

Results are nothing short of awesome for this price point. You can't get a faster RAID 5 for under $5000.

You can get your own Stardom SOHOTANK ST8-U5 with a free Apple iPad through the end of February.