Wednesday, November 14, 2007

REDCINE and Final Cut Studio REDCODE Plugin

Resent from RED...

Two great new downloads are on today: Final Cut Studio 2 REDCODE Plugin and beta REDCINE!

Final Cut Studio 2 REDCODE Plugin: The new REDCODE RAW codec supports RT playback in Final Cut Pro 6.0.2 and editing of the QuickTime Reference movies generated in camera. Also, this codec allows you to play REDCODE RAW movies directly from QuickTime Player or other QuickTime-enabled application.

If you have the previous RED QuickTime Plugin (1.2.1), please make sure you upgrade to the FCS 2 REDCODE plugin (1.5.0) as it gives you the functionality of 1.2.1 along with the new FCS 2 support.

Beta REDCINE: Open RED REDCODE™ RAW (.R3D) video. Do 1st light color correction. Export to any number of output options. More information (including REDCINE tutorials) can be found on REDUSER.NET:

Here are the direct links to the tutorials: