Wednesday, July 29, 2009

AJA first to support Final Cut Pro 7

New info from AJA on their support for Final Cut Pro 7:

New Features

• Closed captioning support for Final Cut Pro 7, MacCaption, VTR Xchange, and AJA TV via QuickTime Closed Captioning Tracks - The QuickTime Closed Captioning Track is Apple's defined standard for closed captioning support (all supported KONAs).
• Full VANC data capture and playback support on a per-frame basis for all Apple ProRes formats
• Support for new Apple ProRes formats (requires Final Cut Pro 7):
- All KONAs support new Apple ProRes 422 (LT), Apple ProRes 422 (Proxy), and Apple ProRes 4444
- In addition, KONA 3 supports 10bit RGB/Dual Link capture and playback path using Apple ProRes 4444
• Expanded KONA LHi support:
- Display of timecode in the Control Panel (near the LTC input icon)
- HDMI/DVI detection of colorspace/protocol
- Downstream Keyer added (DSK)
- LTC input implemented
- Analog audio output monitoring selection implemented
- HDMI audio input channel selection
- HDMI input/output auto-detection
- 8 Channel HDMI audio output
• Support for Avid DNxHD QuickTime file playback and video output (KONA 3, LHi and LHe)
• Support for AVC-Intra QuickTime file playback and video output (KONA 3, LHi and LHe)
• Support for Cineform 3D QuickTime file playback and video output (KONA 3)

Friday, July 24, 2009

PDF File on Apple's revised ProRes codec

Apple just posted up a new link to the ProRes codec revision in Final Cut Studio 3:

No more b.stock R-Series Sony Projectors...

For those interested, Sony is now completely OUT of the b.stock R-Series SXRD projectors...

Going forward, all projectors from Sony are the new T-Series T105 and T110 models.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Leasing a Sony 4K projector?

We got a lot of questions after the last edition about purchasing Sony 4K projection systems - one was "Can I lease them?"

The answer is yes. So what do those rates look like?

Here are example rates from a B-stock R-Series projector with lens, input boards, replacement lamp, and installation cage:

24 months - $4445
36 months - $3049
48 months - $2369
60 months - $1969

For comparison, here is a similar set of rates on the new T-Series projector.

24 months - $6668
36 months - $4583
48 months - $3574
60 months - $2963

Silverado Travel Reimbursement for Major Systems and Equipment/Facility Rental

Folks like to get out to NAB to see demos by major manufacturers before making purchasing decisions. Shows like this are a great way to check out gear prior to investing a lot of money in new workflows.

However, sometimes a shoot or edit session will come up and prior travel arrangements get tossed in deference to a job at hand.

We're going to solve this challenge once-and-for-all on high-end systems and rentals with the Silverado Demo Travel Program. Fly or drive to Silverado to see a demo on your own time and on your own schedule--and when you purchase or rent one of the following systems or services you'll receive a 100% reimbursement of your flight or fuel:


Assimilate SCRATCH Systems

Silverado Blackpowder DI Systems

Cine-Tal Color Correction Displays

Sony 4K Projectors

RED Rocket-based Mac Pro Systems

Facilis Terrablock


Edit Suite Rentals (multi-day)

4K theater rentals (multi-day)

RED ONE camera rentals (multi-day)

Essentially, just let us know what kind of system or rental you want and we'll provide a quote ahead of your trip. After you've made the trip out here to review for yourself, you'll be reimbursed 100% of your flight or fuel upon purchase of the quoted system or rental.

We want to make an investment in any of these systems or rentals as painless as possible--and for some folks getting to a demo like NAB is just not do-able sometimes. With the new reimbursement program, we're trying to take some of the uncertainty out of making these decisions.

There are a few guidelines we need to follow (no first class flights!) so for information on travel reimbursement contact us at for more details.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

RED Rocket starts shipping...

Jim Jannard mentioned that the RED Rockets started to ship today. Jarred added that the initial batch are in green, while future card PCB will be red.