Thursday, June 5, 2008

Silverado to build Apple Xsan-based editing facility for NASA

We received word last week that we won a major contract to rebuild the SAN-based editing infrastructure for NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.

Silverado is providing the infrastructure and our excellent partners Meta Media Creative Technologies are providing all installation and training.

Yeah...its kind of a big deal.



Press release for

Here is the press release for



SACRAMENTO, CA (May 21, 2008) – What would happen if you took a professionally shot, but raw and unedited film--and gave it to over 200 editors along with a script and told them to edit the project any way they wanted?

The answer will be discovered soon through the OpenCut project. Silverado Systems, Inc. ignited a revolution in the film industry today when it debuted the OpenCut project – the world’s first open source film competition using 35mm film grade material acquired exclusively on the RED ONE Digital Cinema Camera platform and made available internationally to editors of any and all skill levels.

OpenCut material is fully scripted and professionally produced using a skilled film crew and talented actors in real-world settings and shot on RED ONE. This film-quality material is then made available internationally to editors of any skill level to edit with as they please in a time-limited competition between storytellers.

Should the story be told rapidly, or should it have a dramatic feel? Can the story incorporate a lot of visual effects and an imposing background score? Or should the dialog take precedence over everything else? These are questions that the editors will have to answer for themselves as they read the script and review the media.

This project is something that could not have been feasible just a year ago—delivery of 35mm film-grade material to hundreds of editors on consumer-sized hard drives. However, because of the advent of the RED ONE Digital Cinema platform and the ability to create film-grade material in a compact file size, you can now edit Hollywood-class film sequences on desktop computers. With the introduction of OpenCut, this material can now be disseminated worldwide in a broad competitive format.

The main goal of OpenCut is to create a new open-source model previously unavailable in the film industry. OpenCut encourages creativity among editors and filmmakers by allowing them to work on 35mm film grade material—regardless of skill-level, industry position, or time in the craft. OpenCut also seeks to promote the use of RED in production and post-production and stimulate creative discussion among editors and filmmakers.

“As there is no "one way" to tell a story, so too can stories benefit from being re-edited and re-told from many different vantage points and perspectives.” stated Torrey Loomis, project director of OpenCut and CEO of Silverado Systems. “With a single script and crew, you can take a story and tell it 300 different ways. The power to do this lies in the editing.”

Loomis adds “Just like in the film industry--there is no handholding here. For some editors, this will be like drinking from a fire hose.”

Editors are expected to use the immense resources available on the Internet to answer any workflow questions they might have, including resources like RED forum and training site, which hosts a lot of RED-related training online.

Combined with the information and training found online, and the film-grade material provided by OpenCut—editors have everything they need to create a Hollywood-class entry.

OpenCut’s first project is “Susannah” a gritty tale of two characters apparently fighting over a girl. But with any good story--nothing is as it appears and the script and plot of “Susannah” allow for surprising twists.

Shot on location in the Salton Sea, “Susannah” stars Ben Bray as “Ed” and Johnny Bogris as “Jacob.” Bray is a talented stuntman and has performed in some of Hollywood’s biggest films such as “No Country for Old Men” and “Spider-Man 2.” Bray has also stunt coordinated features such as “Smokin’ Aces” and “Lakeview Terrace.” Bogris is a skilled actor with credits including “NYPD Blue” and “End of Days.”

“Susannah” was directed by aspiring director Evan Nicholas, along with director of photography and talented RED ONE operator Brian Hamm. The project was executive produced by director Joe Carnahan of “Smokin’ Aces” and “NARC” and CEO Torrey Loomis of Silverado Systems, Inc.

“I hope that tons of people check out the script, read the storyboards, and ultimately come up with their own version of the movie.” said Evan Nicholas, director of “Susannah.” It’s amazing to think that through OpenCut, our storytelling is not limited to one or two editors—but is literally open to editing by potentially hundreds or thousands of people worldwide. As a director, that is something that is very exciting.”

The rewards are significant for participating editors. The grand prize is an AJA Io HD, a coveted piece of editing equipment valued at $3500. Further, the winner of OpenCut will be named as the “editor-of-record” in IMDB—the recognized source for movie production information. They will also have their cut finished in 4k resolution and a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) will be generated which will allow distribution to any digitally-equipped cinema in the country. The winning cut will also be submitted to multiple film festivals throughout the country on behalf of the editor.

Regardless of place, the licensing of OpenCut allows all editors to use their own cut of “Susannah” on their personal reel. For some editors, this is access to 35mm material they have never been able to feature on their reel before.

OpenCut 1.0 is open now for registration at Editing begins on June 1st and submissions are required to be submitted to VUZE (an online video hosting platform) on or prior to June 30. People can register to compete in OpenCut for $25 and will submit a hard drive to OpenCut. Their hard drive will be returned with media, scripts, and supporting documentation.

About Silverado Systems, Inc.
Started in Folsom in 2003 by founder and CEO Torrey Loomis. Recently named #13 in rank as a member of Sacramento Business Journal’s “100 Fastest Growing Companies in Sacramento” for 2007. Silverado is frequently described as an “Apple Store for Professionals.” Silverado is a one-stop-shop for creative professionals--serving filmmakers, editors, graphic designers, artists, directors, and media personnel. Silverado specializes in the high-end of Apple technology and focuses on being “Outfitters to the World’s Foremost Apple Professionals.” With the recent acquisition of new cinema technology from RED Digital, Silverado is on
the forefront of 4k digital cinematography and post-production.

About director Evan Nicholas:
Working on projects like “Smokin’ Aces” and GM’s critically-acclaimed recent “Cadillac” spots--and the upcoming feature film “Killing Pablo”--Evan Nicholas is director Joe Carnahan’s right-hand man. “Susannah” is Nicholas’ directorial debut and was very open-minded towards the OpenCut project by handing over his entire short-subject to be treated to the OpenCut editorial process.

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I've been up to my ears in hard drives. About 180 to be exact. We've been duplicating 170 Gb per drive for OpenCut...

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