Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sacramento Metro Apple Pro Video User Group meets this week

The Sacramento Metro Apple Pro Video Group will be meeting this Thursday, August 9th, at 6:00 PM in the large lecture hall at Folsom Lake College.

Networking will begin at 6 PM. At 6:30 PM we'll have an update from Silverado on upcoming new technology from RED, AJA, and Apple.

At 7 PM we'll have a few words from Larry Jordan who will be conducting Final Cut Studio training on Friday and Saturday.

Our main event of the evening will be a presentation by independent filmmaker Dent-de-Lion du Midi who is currently filming a fine art documentary named Portrait2
in San Francisco using a Redrock equipped HVX200.

Described as "a work of art about a work of art," Dandi's film details the process of creating a fine art painting from beginning to end by the artist Reiner.

Dandi will address the technical aspects of filming this piece using the Redrock and an assortment of Zeiss 35mm lenses. He will also talk about the personal sacrifices required to film this "labor of love" over the long period of time required to complete the initial production (timed to the production of the fine art piece by Reiner) and the requisite post-production.

Depending on equipment, we may also have a demonstration of the Jadoo fuel cell power system for production cameras.

We'll wrap the evening up at an eatery nearby and Silverado will pick up the tab on dessert.

Parking is free at Folsom Lake College for this event.

If you have any questions about the event, contact Torrey at

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