Monday, September 17, 2007

Silverado's first RED footage from pilot PARANOID

Our test footage has been assembled into a small concept trailer that may evolve into something larger. However, for now we put a few scenes together that show daylight, sunset, interior, etc...

This was a RED ONE camera test with serial #21. Shot in under two days and edited for 48 hours straight.

Mostly natural light was used. Some lighting needed for the interiors, but not much.

Kevin Haskin with KeJo Productions directed, Eric Maddox for the post work, and Brian Hamm as the director of photography.

We already know about the blown spots in the welder's arc and the sunlight scene... We didn't have enough time to fix them in AE before our event Friday.

Further, there are settings in the camera that would have prevented this and we know about that now.

This was posted on FCS 2, Mac Pro with 8 Gb, AJA Kona 3, REDAlert, and an eCinema DCM23 was used for critical color.

Yes--we have higher res and are evaluating where and when to post. It may be multiple mirrors, or released as a torrent. For now, you should drop by the office and see it on the looks AMAZING.

Also--introducing RED #3665 known as "Big Red." I know the OffHollywood guys had that cute little Dodge Charger, but check out our footage to see what a real car looks like. Ford GT40 is kinda how we roll out here...


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Kevin Shaw said...

Wow, that's amazing quality for YouTube - can you post the technical specs for how you uploaded the video to them?

Silverado said...


You'd need to contact Brian Hamm directly since he was the one who uploaded the file.