Friday, December 7, 2007

Cooke Optics Announces Lenses for RED ONE Camera

From Studio Daily:

"Starting in January, Cooke Optics will offer four standard Cooke S4/i lenses for the Red One camera that provide focal lengths from 15mm through 100mm and are engraved with red lettering. Called the Cooke RED Set, the new digital-cinematography lenses incorporate metadata capture technology that can be read directly by the contacts of the RED camera lens mount. The Cooke RED Set includes: the S4/ 15-40mm, T2.0 CXX Zoom Lens; S4/ 50mm, T2.0 Prime Lens; S4/ 75mm, T2.0 Prime Lens; and S4/ 100mm, T2.0 Prime Lens."

More info here


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