Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New edit site--CutScape--an outright copy of OpenCut?

I was surfing across the net today and saw this:

It was "created" by Ted Chandler of

I say "created" because its a knockoff of which we started a few months ago. I would list the similarities, but they are way too numerous to mention--there are dozens.

I am thrilled that the idea of OpenCut would provide such an inspiration for Ted and others to follow. I wish him the best of success in this endeavor.

However, if you look at CutScape--its amazing how so many things are lifted from OpenCut. How is CutScape any different than an outright duplication of the OpenCut project? We didn't put all the thought and energy into OpenCut to have it shamelessly knocked off.

I guess good ideas are emulated, but great ideas are stolen...



loothi said...

Does it matter so much? If it gets the community using RED, and gives editors more ways to access and showcase their use of professional footage, then it's a good thing.

Silverado said...


It does matter if there is no original thought put into the concept.

It would have been cool to see a different approach, but its essentially our concept with a different branding.

I want to see this entire concept take off, but people need to innovate rather than jump on a bandwagon.