Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nvidia Quadro CX...coming to Mac soon?

Unless you've been living under a rock lately, the hottest new thing from Nvidia and Adobe is the Quadro CX--which provides hardware acceleration to many of the apps in Adobe's new CS4:

So, the big question is this--can I put it in my Mac?

No--and right now its not because Adobe and Nvidia don't want you to.

While no NDA's were compromised here...I have it on very good authority that the ENTIRE source code for this product has already been given to Apple and its up to them to develop the Mac-based driver.

Do I believe it? Yes--this is a very high profile product for both Adobe and Nvidia and it makes a ton of sense for them to want to see this pushed as hard on the Mac platform as it is on Windows.

What kind of performance are we talking here? Think 500% increase in h.264 encodes for Blu-Ray media, real-time manipulation of monstrous images, and amplified processing of color conversions and tone mapping.

Best way to see this pushed through is to petition Nvidia and Apple as hard as possible to work together to see this gets done by Macworld 2009.


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Lou Metzger said...

Our company switched to Macs last year and we love them...its a shame that such a forward thinking company did not beat the PC's on this much needed Video Card....the selection for all cards and macs is almost as bad as the games available for them! COME ON STEVE....WE WORK AS WELL AS PLAY!!!!!!!!!