Thursday, April 9, 2009

Government do-gooders strike again: California to consider ban on large TV's

California politicians are crazy. Just mad stupid.

In the midst of an economic crisis, they are simultaneously raising people's taxes while proposing to take away some of the best tools of a retailers livelihood:

California to consider ban on large TV's [LINK]

What does the consumer get in return? Less choice and poorer quality.

Sales of high-end products such as large sets drive revenue. Revenue pays taxes. Taxes fund projects. However, I don't think that politicians see this equation very clearly.

It should be mandatory that these people spend a modicum of time in some sort of business entity before being elected. Lack of understanding about where revenue comes from is currently destroying California state government.



Anonymous said...

Or this is just like "black car ban" that wasn't.

J Simoneau said...

Wow... Just when you think you've heard everything.