Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Silverado Travel Reimbursement for Major Systems and Equipment/Facility Rental

Folks like to get out to NAB to see demos by major manufacturers before making purchasing decisions. Shows like this are a great way to check out gear prior to investing a lot of money in new workflows.

However, sometimes a shoot or edit session will come up and prior travel arrangements get tossed in deference to a job at hand.

We're going to solve this challenge once-and-for-all on high-end systems and rentals with the Silverado Demo Travel Program. Fly or drive to Silverado to see a demo on your own time and on your own schedule--and when you purchase or rent one of the following systems or services you'll receive a 100% reimbursement of your flight or fuel:


Assimilate SCRATCH Systems

Silverado Blackpowder DI Systems

Cine-Tal Color Correction Displays

Sony 4K Projectors

RED Rocket-based Mac Pro Systems

Facilis Terrablock


Edit Suite Rentals (multi-day)

4K theater rentals (multi-day)

RED ONE camera rentals (multi-day)

Essentially, just let us know what kind of system or rental you want and we'll provide a quote ahead of your trip. After you've made the trip out here to review for yourself, you'll be reimbursed 100% of your flight or fuel upon purchase of the quoted system or rental.

We want to make an investment in any of these systems or rentals as painless as possible--and for some folks getting to a demo like NAB is just not do-able sometimes. With the new reimbursement program, we're trying to take some of the uncertainty out of making these decisions.

There are a few guidelines we need to follow (no first class flights!) so for information on travel reimbursement contact us at for more details.

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