Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thoughts on SCRATCH, Nuke and Smoke...

I saw an interested discussion on Twitter between Shawn Nelson and Emery Wells. It goes like this:

Shawn: "what's a good way to understand Nuke vs Flame vs Inferno vs Smoke vs Fusion and how they fit together or dont?"

Emery: "Think Nuke for one shot a time. Smoke for bringing it all together. Flame is like Nuke and Smoke combined. Fusion me no likey."

Shawn: "Thanks man! Which ones do you use in your pipeline? Or do you not handle that side of post?"

Emery: "Scratch for grading, Nuke for compositing, and getting Smoke for finishing."

Shawn: "Scratch for grading? I loved the results of the Quantel Pablo! I'm also interested to see Lustre in action. Why go Scratch?"

Then, Yohance Brown jumps in with this:

Yohance: "...price. Scratch $70K, Lustre $150K, Pablo $400K"

Emery adds: "Scratch still has the strongest red support in my opinion. Pablo is great but 6 times the cost. Bout 400k..."

These are all GREAT people you should be following:

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smaugthewyrm said...

thanks for this post. have been wondering this last week about this very topic.