Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What do you want to see in the new Final Cut Studio 3?

Apple is on a new rotation with their product releases now that they have purged tradeshows from their calendar with the termination of their presence at Macworld.

With that in mind, its reasonable to think that Final Cut Studio 3 could be released any time between now and NAB. I think it would be silly for them to release it after NAB, but Apple definitely doesn't play by anyone else's rulebook...

So...with that in mind--what do you want to see in the new Final Cut Studio 3?

Please opine gratuitously in the comments below.



Anonymous said...

True 3D in Motion - especially with text
Phenomenon optional in the package (the Compositor option)
DVD Studio Pro supporting Blu-Ray with an IDE for J2ME
Better Media management in FCP (I hate those re-connection when the external HD accidentally disconnects)
And maybe a smoother looking interface all round, almost like iMovie 09 but not too much

erikcantu said...

I'd like to see Motion be at least as competent as After Effects with 3D (ok, 2.5D.)

I'd love to see some dramatic new technology and workflow in the suite, like the trim editor in iMovie '09 or the searchable text in Premiere; I think Apple could come up with a radical new addition to Final Cut Pro to make editing better/faster/easier.

J Simoneau said...

Well, if this is our "dream options" then a more advanced particle system for Motion. One that can be better rely'd upon for doing even text effects like "blowing in sand" without having to jimmy-rig a behavioral mess.

I would like to be able to import 3D objects.

I'm not sure about how the technical side of things work but a speed enhancement would be nice. Even with alot of ram it seems like heavy particle fx and loads of layers really bog down the system when maybe it can be optimized by routing the workload to the graphics card or something other then ram. Maybe I'm totally wrong on how it works but bottom line... speed it up!

I miss the pick wip from AFX...

Just my 2 cents ; )

Anonymous said...

interesting that Apple has file for a patent for storyboarding. I wonder if this would be part of a FCS. Something like what AVID has done?

Anonymous said...

First and foremost is an interface overhaul for Final Cut Pro. The app is largely still stuck in the Mac OS 9 days, a fact that is made rather obvious by the modernity of Motion and Soundtrack Pro. Along with the face lift should be a rethinking of how we edit, picking up where iMovie '09 leaves off. There is a lot of good work that can be done here to separate Apple from the pack and make all of us happier.

Like synapticlight, I too would like to have true 3d text in Motion. It also needs to be sped up.

Aside from that, I'd love it if they just fixed the bugs - make Compressor stop misbehaving! Color's UI should also be updated - or integrated into Final Cut? Now that would be interesting...

Incidentally, I also wrote a post about this. Looks like we're all anxious for what is to come.

editblog said...

Focus on the core of Final Cut Pro. Make it modern and multithreaded. Fix screen redraw bugs, make the interface customizable, make media management perfect, and overhaul the Log and Capture and Edit to Tape features. It's old and it shows.

Anonymous said...

At least 10 bit RGB and 4k resolution. We badly need more than 8 bit!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

- OS X interface GUI
- real 3 D
- better interworking between apps
- fix the bugs

Mat said...

Background rendering would be a great thing to add. Being able to do MXF import drag n drop style. Some apps like Compressor and DVDSP need to get up to date with BluRay and Flash compression. Motion would benefit to get a little more SHAKE and 3D. 4K image management would be appreciated even in a 2K environnement.

Jóhannes said...

Spotlight support inside final cut. Searching for media is currently cumbersome when you look at how search has been implemented in the finder.

Smart bins would be cool too.

will said...

How about the ability to add a Marker on the timeline, so when you cut out some material the markers adjust their position as well! Drives me nuts!!

And colorizing clips. Would be nice to color clips in the timeline to your needs, without all other associated clips changing color.

Anonymous said...

Hell, I'd just be happy with some very basic, basic and long overdue changes.

Give us more than three pathetic thumbnail sizes in the browser. They're all too small. Allow me to sort a bin of thumbnail clips by more than name or duration. Why can't the same sort I apply in list view apply in thumbnail like Avid? Also, allow me to snap all thumbnails to a grid for cleaner organization.

Add spotlight search capabilities to the browser for lighting fast searches of clips.

Copy the way matchframe and find in bin works in Avid or come up with something even better. The current FCP implementation simply isn't as good as Avid's.

Rethink the way custom bin headings are selected. That drop down menu is a joke and tedious to use. It's not even alphabetical.

Revamp the trim editor.


I'd love to see Apple one-up a feature like Avid's script-sync.

Integration with iTunes like GarageBand and Soundtrack.

Easier XML export for Filemaker Pro.

Make a version of Soundtrack Pro that is actually stable and doesn't constantly crash.

Colourist said...

Complete timeline compatibility in each app. Edits in one app trickle through to all the other timelines.

Fully optimised OpenCL and Grand Central support in all apps especially Color for realtime grading & finishing.

No render RT full quality output.

Motion to support 3d objects and better 3rd party support e.g. with C4D etc.

A RT nodal compositing package to enter the suite.

Solid media management.

Fix _ALL_ the gamma issues please!!!!

Aperture and Logic style interfaces (a given).

Split QT Pro from QT in iTunes.

Piri said...

Modifiable timecode window. Perhaps as a HUD like STP.

Better TC burn in filter.

All project information contained in project file. Such as scratch disks? Favorites. Presets. GUI arrangement.

I know we have STP...(sort of) but it would be nice to have better audio filters within FCP itself. Why can't the STP filters be integrated into FCP?

Better keyframing functionality. Copy, paste multiple keyframes.

Something akin to an AE adjustment layer wherein filter applied would effect all underlying layers.

Lifetime Studios said...

I will be new to the final cut suite so anything they have in FCS3 will be better than the Final Cut Express I have been using. I have found FCE to be very limiting and I am tried of not having all the tools that come with the Pro package. I have heard a rumor that FCS3 will have different editing rooms that are all combined into one app. Not sure but sounds really cool. Currently doing video production work at

Joseph arthur said...

I agree, True 3d in Motion. I do enjoy using 3d on text when creativity drives me.

I would like Final Cut Pro or DVD Studio Pro Rendering to be done like Compressor (For example using Batch Monitor in the background).