Friday, May 15, 2009

Answers to 5/15 Twitter Contest

Our 5/15 Twitter challenge was tough. Here are the questions (and answers):

QUESTION Setup: About the new movie starring Jennifer Love Hewitt.

QUESTION 1 of 5 - Name of Jennifer Love Hewitt's current feature (Cafe)
QUESTION 2 of 5 - Name a co-star (Jamie Kennedy)
QUESTION 3 of 5 - City of shoot (Philadelphia)
QUESTION 4 of 5 - Name a producer (Chris Wyatt, Sean Covel, or J. Andrew Greenblatt)
QUESTION 5 of 5 - Name the famous movie the producers shot prior to this project

For #5 we were looking for "Napoleon Dynamite", but "Twelve" was submitted and that technically counts.

Winner is Tim Schultz! BTW...most of the answers for this could be found here [LINK]

Cafe is being shot on two RED ONE cameras from Silverado. We're also handling data wrangling, assembly editorial, and final color correction.

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